Every artist with the slightest degree of creativity gets asked the question, “Where do you get your , ideas?” When I’m asked that, I usually stumble over my words and give a non-answer because basically my ideas come from so many avenues, I just can’t pinpoint a source or process.

I received a little book this Christmas “Steal Like an Artist” from my Spirit Animal. It’s one of those things you get your artist friend, (kinda like a Bob Ross Tee shirt, yes, I have plenty thank you). It’s a small book with big chapter headings and easy to understand illustrations that scream at you. A focused reader could knock it out in half an hour. I read a little and skimmed the rest and got this: “No idea is truly unique, we all just steal them from other sources – then change them enough to make them our own.”

So I think I’ll just post some art I’ve created and reference who I ripped the idea off of.

These are all versions of a Candy Corn girl that I stole from artist Angel Hawari, who also has many versions of this Candy Corn.


Pickle Girl one of my favorites is taken from this piece by Noir Nouar. See that leg?

“George and Emily”, not only did I steal the visual from Gene Moty I took the title too. Hah!

Here’s another one I stole from Rene Vincit. The Mermaid.

I paint a lot of skulls and eyeballs and most of them are referenced (okay, stolen) from some artist I follow on Instagram. So next time I get that question about where these ideas come from, you know the the answer. I fuckin steal ’em.