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My goal is simple, I want my art to make people smile.

I love being a fly on the wall and watching people’s reaction to my art. I’ll get the smiles I’m looking for as well as the puzzled head scratches, and I love listening to people’s interpretation of a painting. Occasionally, I’ll catch someone who seems totally engrossed in what I’ve done and is “connecting” with something about the piece. Watching people make that “connection” is the high point about being an artist, I’m not just communicating with someone through art; I’m giving that person a piece of myself that can’t be given in any other way.

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April 2021 – “Strange Art for Strange People”
Art Works, Richmond, VA

Nov 2020 – “In the Cult of the Barbershop Squid”
The Mancave, Manassas

Oct 2019 – “A Carnival of the Absurd”
Center for the Arts, Candy Factory in Historic Manassas

Nov 2018 – “Characters”
Warrior Way Gallery – Workhouse Arts Center

August 2018 – “Free Beer (and other lies)”
Arches Gallery – Workhouse Arts Center

July 2018 – “A Trip to the Zoo”
McCall Design Gallery

Sep 2017 – “A Peculiar Perspective”
The Hall at City Hall, Manassas Virginia

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